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Call Us Now: (704) 963-4583

Call Us Now: (704) 963-4583

About Us

For 8 years, Charlotte Towing and Parking Enforcement has been one of the top names in Parking Enforcement services throughout Charlotte, NC. WE UNDERSTAND AND CAN SOLVE YOUR PARKING CHALLENGES!


Charlotte Towing And Parking Enforcement is experienced in property protection and vehicle impounding and immobilization. We know that owning, operating, and managing a business can be stressful at times. The last thing you want to worry about is if there is enough parking for your customers or tenants/Residents.
We will help alleviate unwanted stress and worry by helping with your parking management. We help you stay in charge of your property at all times and we ensure that people do not park on your property without your permission. Vehicle impounding and immobilization protects your property from unauthorized users and adds security to your property.

We are compliant with all applicable city ordinances and state laws. Charlotte Towing And Parking Enforcement has a reputation for outstanding professional service. Not only do we eliminate your parking challenges with a reliable solution but we do it at NO COST to you - the property owner or manager. Unauthorized users pay for our services!
Call us now at 704-963-4583 to talk with us about establishing a Parking Enforcement program for your property!

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Our Parking Enforcement Officers

Our Parking Enforcement Officers are well trained and provide a high level of customer service to the parking violators even though they may be upset and angry about being booted or impounded we still treat them with the upmost respect. We help bring parking violators into compliance with the rules of our clients' parking lots.

Our Parking Enforcement Officers are fully uniformed with company hats and shirts, carry a Photo ID Permit, and most wear a Bodycam. Our Parking Enforcement Officers  have a Contract book available for local law enforcement officers upon request with all documents to handle any vehicle immobilization situation and they operate with a high level of professionalism and respect. (You Treat Someone The Way You Would Want To Be Treated) the greater your influence and control over the situation. Our Parking Enforcement Officers presence and professionalism will aid in the protection of your property and safety your Residents, Guest, and Customers. They will also report any other illegal activity to local law enforcement providing a second pair of eyes on your property..

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Reserved Parking

Reserved parking creates a new form of revenue for you, the client, and the owners of the property. It also allows a resident to choose a comfortable or more convenient place where they would like to park. Thus, allowing them to reserve that spot for themselves for a small monthly fee added to their rent. This can increase revenue and occupancy for a property manager. Reserved parking is a win-win for both the towing company, property manager, property owners, and residents. 

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